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Parkland Wlak to be taken out of Action for 33 weeks at Francis Place

Here's an interesting piece on Haringey's custodianship of public assets. A private buyer has bought a property near the Parkland Walk. The property came with oodles of restrictive covenants about what can and cannot be allowed. The Parkland Walk comes with lashings of rights for the public in terms of access - the public is allowed, has the absolute right to use the Parkland Walk at all times without let or hindrance. But Haringey's planning department has granted the owner of 3 Francis Place Holmesdale Road N6 5TQ planning permission to do things which arguably he should not be allowed to do, and as one of the details has approved a "Construction Management Plan" allowing roughly 33 weeks of continual access of lorries over the Parkland Walk.

The next stage in the process is for the owner to seek permissions from Haringey Parks to use the Walk. At the moment the Parks Department seems disinclined to allow such access - "From a recreational access point of view this is a totally unacceptable level of intrusion".

This is perhaps interesting from the perspective of Haringey's promise to protect public access to the Hornsey Town Hall Square - a piece of land with much less  statutory and covenanted protection than the Parkland Walk.

If you'd like to signthe Francis Place / Parkland Walk Construction Management Plan petition you can do so here

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Reading though I wasn't sure whether the Parks Dept. are likely to refuse a licence or not - you get the impression that once the site meeting takes place to establish the exact details of access, it looks like a done deal. I dunno.

I couldn't see any mention of the fact that it wasn't so long ago the path was repeatedly blocked by construction vehicles during the relaying of the path. But I'm being unhelpful there...

The list of objections and objectors is a long one, and it is interesting to see that though various councillors are included, not a single comment can be seen from any of the Crouch End bunch, within whose ward this is.

Evidently all you need to do is to collect 12 crisp packets to work in the Haringey planning department; brains and common sense are seemingly minor considerations.

The planning application should never have been granted permission in the first place particularly in light of the restrictive covenants that are in place. Take into account the large number of objections to this and the subsequent CMP and you really wonder what the planning department is up to. I'm sure the planning inspectorate would be very interested in this case and how it has been handled by Haringey. All seems very suspicious to me. I agree with Mark that this is a done deal; its going to happen.

The property strictly falls into the Highgate ward rather than the Crouch End ward, although I am also very surprised that no comments have been forthcoming from none of the three Crouch End ward councillors. Councillor Winskill would have been all over this!

The Haringey planners have put "Ward: Crouch End" at the head of this document.

Perhaps it is Haringey's intention that the Planning Inspectorate should never hear of this. Only failed applicants can appeal. Failed objectors do not have the right. 

The ward boundary runs down the middle of the Parkland Walk at this point, so the site is on the Crouch End side - whereas the proposed access is from Holmesdale Road on the Highgate side.

I agree. After having lived through 14 months of hell due to my next door neighbour's building work in Crouch End, I can honestly say that nobody in the Haringey Planning Department knows what they're doing. With house prices rising and wealthier people moving into Crouch End, there will be more and more planning applications submitted for these large scale projects. These types of projects are often inconvenient for the community and can cause tension between neighbours and can cause damage to neighbouring homes, therefore it's imperative we have an efficient Planning Department.


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