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Just looking at OpinoN8's twitter feed, it looks like lack of parking in Crouch End is a real issue.  It comes up at least three times a day.  Any thoughts on parking?  Before I ditched the car in Feb, I used to park in the library car park to do my shopping (and pop into Hornsey library).  I tried the tiny space behind Budgen's a couple of times but it seemed that people made even less space available there by parking in two spots.  Mostly I'd go on foot though and now always walk or grab the W5.

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There is a red VW Polo Y261YGO with a zone g cpz sticker parked in Fairfield Road which has been zone A since Monday. The owner should move it before enforcement starts in earnest.
The traffic warders have now started wallpapering the polo. Not long before it gets towed.
Residents in your road must be very tolerant.  Even without a CPZ foreign number plates and other vehicles without valid tax discs get reported and towed immediately on our road. A car that's been parked for any length of time that does not seem to belong to anyone on the street gets everyone in a right old bait. 

OK, I'll go and move it. 


No it's not mine but the sunniness of the day is making me silly.  I'm going out now to a meeting and will put my serious head on.  You go and get that sucker clamped and removed.

Somebody who I suspect does NOT live locally! has decided that South View Road is the IDEAL spot to rest their automotive museum piece. At the beginning of March this year, a very large Chrysler pick up truck appeared outside my neighbours house, next door to mine. It is very long, and occupies the length of about two small hatchbacks. It has not moved since it. Anyway, it's bloody horrible outside our house, and has made parking even more hazardous and exacerbated the parking space issues sharply. I shall post a photo of it so that the full splendour of this eyesore can be witnessed by anyone who's slightly interested. A footnote: we suspect the owner has dropped it there because he collects them, and it reminds us of an enormous fire engine that has been seen dumped here recently.

I hope this is the correct place to do this, apologies if not, it's quite a big site, if the moderator thinks it's in the wrong place, please move it. The photo should accompany the text too.


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