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‘Outstanding for All’?, a Commission charged to consider the future of education provision in Haringey

An open letter from Haringey Council Leader, Cllr Claire Kober

Publication date: Monday 5 March 2012

Dear Haringey Parents and Guardians,

This week the report of the Office of Standards in Education (OFSTED) inspection of Downhills Primary School was published. It follows the publication of OFSTED inspection reports of Coleraine Park, Noel Park and Nightingale Primary Schools. All were judged by OFSTED to be unsatisfactory. You may have seen the media coverage about these schools and the intervention of the Secretary of State for Education, who has insisted all four schools become academies.

Many parents in Haringey will be anxious about what this means. I wanted to write to all parents, to let you know how your council is responding. I am a passionate believer in the power of education to transform life chances, and that every single child in Haringey has the right to an outstanding education. As a council we want to work with schools, parents and the local community to achieve this. We can be proud of many aspects of education in Haringey: last summer our students achieved their best ever GCSE and A-level results, and our secondary schools were among the most improved in the country.

This shows we can achieve excellence. Now we must achieve excellence for all.

Haringey must be a place where parents get the best education possible for their children. We now need to intensify our efforts to achieve this. For that reason, I will shortly be launching: ‘Outstanding for All’, a Commission charged to consider the future of education provision in Haringey. This group of experts will work with parents, teachers, students, local businesses and the council to come forward with recommendations by the end of the year. We will be asking the Commission to look at the current and future direction of government policy, as well as best practice in education provision across the country, to consider how all our schools can make profound improvements in their attainment. We are clear that to achieve our ambitions, all voices should be heard and all options explored.

For parents at Downhills, Coleraine Park, Noel Park and Nightingale who are anxious about the future of those schools, I can update that Coleraine Park has already made the decision to enter into an academy partnership with the Harris Federation. At Nightingale the DfE has appointed a new governing body (Interim Executive Board) who will recommend an academy sponsor. Noel Park’s governing body have made the decision to convert to academy status and are in discussion with a sponsor – AET. I know some parents are concerned about academies, but we will do all we can to ensure that disruption to children at these schools is minimised. We will work with the sponsors of these schools to ensure they are as rooted in their local community as the best community schools.

Ultimately, the most important people in any discussion about education are the students – those young people now in our schools, and those who will attend them in the future. The overwhelming priority will always be enhancing the life chances of young people and empowering all parents to get the best education for their children.

Yours sincerely 
Claire Kober 
Leader of Haringey Council

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I'm sure he was a lovely head teacher just doing his best for the schools, and its all just a nasty misunderstanding. From a political point of view it seems that everyone is to blame, which rather depressingly leaves us with nowhere to go in attempting to choose candidates to vote for!

My problem with this press release is that 'outstanding for all' is by definition unachievable. A meaningless phrase created only for sound bite purposes by the oxymorons who run Haringey.

It seems to me that anyone interested in this thread might be interested in this new one I just started.



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