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DEPENDING on one's point of view, the Osborne Grove Nursing Home is a large, valuable site attractive to developers, or a vital public service caring for one's elderly relations.

The New Labour-run Council seems unsure which it is.

2015 November 10 Osborne Grove appears in a list of properties in the Council's Commercial Portfolio, in Appendix 2 (83 pages), being a separate appendix to the 135-page Haringey Development Vehicle Business Case (dated October 2015)

LINK to LBH Cabinet papers, Agenda Item 112.

I can no longer find this table on the Council's website. The Council now publishes a PDF with the same title that—at 17 pages in length—appears to be shorter by 66 pages. This suggests that there's been editing or replacement of the historical document.

However, the original "Appendix 2 Property Portfolio" that I downloaded in December 2016 can still be found on OpinioN8 LINK.

Further note on OpinioN8: LINK

(The designation "Other", means other than a shop, industrial, [bare] land, or an office, etc.)

From the Council's Commercial Property Portfolio, those sites that are still deemed to be developable are to be transferred into the HDV (q.v.). This may not include Osborne Grove at this stage. The wholesale transfer to the private company is to be agreed by Cabinet meeting on 3 July 2017.

2016 December 29 —attention drawn to the list on OpinioN8 LINK

2017 January 9 —a series of fly-arounds of sites destined for the ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’ including Osborne Grove is posted on OpinioN8 LINK

The fly-around shows the modern buildings and the size of the site, close to several bus routes and a short bus-ride to Finsbury Park station. Possibly attractive to a developer if the opportunity became available. 

2017 June 20 — news item: Finsbury Park Care Home to close after report finds people hadn’t had a bath for THREE MONTHS (Link)


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Sorry, Clive, but I may not be bright enough to follow your forensic pdf archiving.

Closing the Care Home for a reason provided by the CQC is bad and reflects badly on Haringey management. But closing a care home in order to enter into an arrangement with Lendlease would be worse. Is the inference that Haringey are exploiting a problem to avoid an even worse problem?

Or does the editing of the list of properties remove Osborne House from the Lendlease Demolition Vehicle? Surely not, now it is redundant as a care home.

I understand that that Osborne Grove may not be in the list of properties to be passed into the HDV in the current phase (Phase one). However, potentially any property that is owned by the Council and that is developable, could be passed into the "partnership" in the future. I hope that Osborne Grove may yet continue as a care home, despite the official comment (“Unfortunately, the pace of improvement has not been fast enough and we now believe that it would be in the best interests of all residents for Osborne Grove to close.”)

The editing of the document, if that is what it is, is the editing of Cabinet papers that were published 18 months ago and part of the historical record.

AT this afternoon's consultation about Haringey Council's proposal to close the Osborne Grove Nursing Home, Cabinet Member Cllr. Bernice Vanier declined to answer questions about the HDV.

I had asked whether Lendlease had inspected the big, valuable, site.


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