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So I am opening this thread for questions and answers as divined by me. Feel free to post your questions or responses to readings below. To kick things off I will answer the following question I received today:

"Is it better to buy long lived food or short lived food at the moment?"

The answer is in the key of G minor and refers to the Earth sign Taurus and the receptive. Outside support and plans will materialize from superiors. Being suspicious, unfriendly and provocative may result in injury or loss of friends. Favourable conditions will prevail.

Thank you.

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So I received the question "what is the best way to avoid inflation?" today.

I divined and received the following answer:

One should be careful and meticulous and one will have a good year. One cannot find something that is not there to be found. If you want to make money, for example, you must go where the money is. Not accepting this could lead to a year of impatient and rash actions, with no truly fruitful results. Do not seek lasting results hastily.

Thank you.

So after posting the link to the 38 degrees petition for a temporary basic income I received the following question:

"Will universal basic income affect inflation?"

I divined and received the following answer:

Taking no precautions against danger invites attack from behind. On the level, proceed with care, nothing requires complete firmness. Only extreme care will avert trouble. The year will be one of contentedness. Small things should be done, not great things. It is better to remain low than high. Success.

To my mind this is a more ambiguous divination than my previous two readings. I had wondered in light of the previous reading about avoiding inflation, whether to post the link to the petition at all. I think this suggests that it is acceptable, but not to be indignant in demanding such a thing at this time. I think the first line is the key. There is potential for unscrupulous people to exploit the situation to attack the ordinary people. Thus I would suggest sign the petition by all means to maintain the conversation, but do not get annoyed if the demand is rejected. Thank you.


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