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on 21th July in fact. Next door to Honeycomb, next but one to Beam, just down from Subway. Is it possible to have too many snacks/brunches?

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I've been hesitant to go into this new snack bar, I assumed the name was a warning.

I'm with you on that, Nick. Urgh.. But this may not last. The kebab shop lasted about 5 mins, so we shall see. 

Definitely shouldn't be judged by their name or signage!

It's really nice. The service is very friendly and the food fresh, tasty and made on premises. 

I assume they are aiming at the lunchtime crowds of pupils from Highgate Wood School.  At least boureks sound healthier than fish and chips!

They're delicious - made in front of you either with salad or homemade hummus, I really recommend this place. It's the people from Borough Market expanding.


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