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There was a request put on Facebook yesterday which reads:

Please comment with 1 or 2 words that sum up or make you think - CROUCH END!! 
(Need a little help for a project )

I've collated some of the answers - I don't think we're finished yet. What can we add?

Christian Leonidou Community spirit Village life
Welcome Home Surrogate family Banners potatoes
restaurants of all nations independent shops village atmosphere and friends Banners Paper stall!!!!!!!
Friendly Post Office Home! new age village
Little gem ‘Couch End’ (more psychotherapists than estate agents) Bijou village
London Village Buggy Central Expensive – lovely
pretentious Dishy dads… priced out ! (of home town)
Stroller City I once witnessed a major buggy crash on the crossing at the Clock Tower – two dishy dads not concentrating and walked into each other. No child harmed buggies a mess. I thought I’d witnessed the Apocalypse. Gone.xxx
History Ally Pally views Strutter Brown W7
Buggy Central Coffee Addicts London’s best.
Organic Coffee Guardian readers Bob Dylan
Clock tower. Kale Cherry blossom in cecile park
Over priced. Ley lines… Clock. Tower. or no tube
Home Lifetime Love… Just thought of another old favourite – nappy valley
My roots Yes a lot of them do Rachel Channing. Mr trebus
In the Muesli Belt Childhood Yes ley lines josette simon I was thinking the same! Is true they all converge in crouchie
Ah yes one of many Rachel Channing. Crèche End North Hollywood Croosh On etc etc. Bus queue Clock Tower
London’s Bohemia Kale chips! Hornsey Town Hall
pack ket Boden kids Can I ask – what is the project?
Community Child centric Nappy Valley
Yummy mummies NCT classes Polenta Belt
clock tower Niddle Noddle My Town
coffee Off-road buggies Awful
cool & organic Artisan bakeries Up and down…
Buggies. Hairdressers. Coffee shop Beards
My home. My favourite place Scooters oh and more beards even the pet dogs have beards
Artisan bakeries. A special friend…you know who you are … Clock tower
media executives No tube…home A London Village
Family community Mars Home Be positive
Media folk Love it – home Dunns Doughnuts !
Champagne Socialists. Healthy Community
Town Hall dreams family Yoga-Ville (about 25 world class yoga teachers live here!)
Absolutely Fabulous Robin – our 17th century dandy Crouch End.
cottage cheese Guardian soaked Expensive.
fun timez :))) Coffee cafe
CROUCH -END TIGERS XxXxXx Research for a poster/display board Rebecca.
Community XxXX Wow – thank you all SOOO much. You have all really helped and have inspired my little project lots!!
Three Doctors live here? Past past and the current XxXx Growing up history
independent London Village
Home Hill

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