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One call in = misfortune: two = carelessness? More finger wagging required?

We waited 11 years for a Labour Party Call In in Haringey and then we had the Scrutiny of Hornsey Town Hall.  Now barely a month later we have a second Labour Party Call In this time of a long leasehold disposal of a piece of land in N15 to a developer , Pocket Living. The public meeting will be on Tuesday 6th December at 7pm in what is, for the time being,  the Civic Centre. 

The piece of land in question is that on the corner of St Ann's Road and Seven Sisters Road just under the railway bridge.  The callers in argue that the decision is not consistent with Haringey policy because:

a) the affordable one bedroom flats are still too expensive

b) that the land is not redundant - it and the trees serve to protect nearby residents from the road and rail traffic and associated effluents

and that further

1) there has been no consultation

2) no good reason has been given to cut down the trees

3) the flats are too small

4) the decision is not good value for money

5) alternatives have not been considered

6) the land should be used for council housing.

They go on to set out alternatives.

I have paraphrased the arguments, and apologise if I have misunderstood or over simplified. The full text can be seen here.

So it would seem that Cllr Jogee's finger wagging over uncomradely behaviour is ineffective.

 Picture from Google maps.

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Adrian you do need to some more fact-checking. For example you seem to have missed a most entertaining Scrutiny when Cllr Lorna Reith's plan to making "savings" (a.k.a. cuts) by centralising Children's Centres was sent back to the Dear Leader's Kobinet.
It was comprehensively shown as - let's use some polite and nuanced euphemisms the plan doesn't deserve - and say it was ill-advised and perhaps lacking in imagination. (The words I'd like to use these days would probably breach the house rules of OpinioN8.

Zena Brabazon has corrected my example, pointing out that Call-in was signed by 5 Lib-Dem councillors. The excellent Rachel Allison took the lead. Rachel understands that 'Who-Knows' is preferable to 'Who's-Who', and so she sought views, information and support from Labour councillors who care more about Children's Services than faithfully serving the Dear Leader.

That included my wife Zena, who knows one or two things about that area of work. And was aware of the weaknesses of the ill-informed scheme approved by the then "cabinet" councillor Lorna Reith. Which probably wouldn't have mattered. However, Professor Emeritus Jane Tunstill was in the gallery of the Council chamber and did some heckling. And was then invited to a microphone. Where - as I recall - she used the word "kamikazi" to describe the plan. (And I don't think she was referring to the Filipino rock band.)
Enough Labour councillors then realised the Reith plan was unwise.


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