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I can't help wondering about the business plan at Middeys.  Will posted recently about the logic of keeping a very expensive premises empty. What is the motivation of the current tenant? Clearly not to run a restaurant.

I've been sent some research about the tenant, which I can share. 

Middeys (Crouch End) currently has two directors, one of whom is Firat Mayil , who was the Centre for Turkish Studies Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.  Mr Mayil's other directorships are listed at Companies House. The most substantial of these is the F and M Investment Portfolio.

Which might help to explain the business plan. Perhaps Middeys Crouch End is not a restaurant but a property speculation. Newspapers love to report how the houses we live in earn more money than we do, simply by existing. Can the same be true of leasehold restaurant properties? Will the arrival of FEC to buy the Town Hall be an opportunity to transfer the leasehold interest to a willing buyer? Is that what we're waiting for?

Meanwhile another of Firat Mayil's business interests is documented by the BBC. Admittedly the link is a bit old now, but the item claims to quote Mr Mayil's own words.

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