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Last Thursday (June 26th) I filled my shopping trolley with used low-energy lightbulbs, some old clothes etc and set off with them on foot to take them to the Recycling Centre off Hornsey High Street. As I turned into the approach road I was surprised to find it gated and locked up with posters on the gates and a banner on a nearby wall announcing that "We have moved to Western Road N22".

Even more surprised was the motorist who drove up at the same time and who told me that he had visited the centre on the day before to recycle materials; not only was he able to drop off his materials then but nobody there mentioned that they were closing!

It was a surprise to me to see that the Centre had closed already as I had not heard that full planning permission had finally been granted for a new Sainsburys store and housing to be built on the site. Indeed, the Broadway Ham & High newspaper of Thursday June 26th carries a story by Flora Drury of a Judicial Review that may hold up the building of the store and housing.

Not only have I seen no mention of the Hornsey Centre's closure in Broadway Ham & High, it is not mentioned either in the Council's own publication "Haringey People".

Another surprise was the resiting to Western Road, N22; I was under the impression that Haringey Council were planning to set up a new Recycling Centre in Cranford Way off Tottenham Lane. At least that would have not been much further to go for recyclers from the western side of Haringey borough. From where I live in Hornsey I could probably still have walked to Cranford Way. Now, however, it seems that I will have to lug my shopping trolley of things for recycling onto a bus towards Wood Green then walk to Western Road.

So what is going on? Have I not been following things or is Haringey Council trying to put one over on us keen recyclers in Hornsey?

Who received this reply form the North London Waste Authority

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the closure of Hornsey High Street Reuse and Recycling Centre.

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is responsible for the management of the Reuse and Recycling Centres in Haringey. Due to Haringey Council’s plans to sell the Hornsey High Street site for redevelopment, the Authority agreed with Haringey Council to develop a new site at Western Road to continue serving the centre and west of Haringey.

The Western Road site is a newly constructed facility, located on a larger site that will allow more effective separation of recycling streams and an improved service for users.

Publication of the move began as soon as a fixed date for relocating to Western Road was established.

The Hornsey High Street site closed on Monday 23rd June and the new site at Western Road opened on Wednesday 25th June. Leaflets were handed out to residents who visited Hornsey High Street during the two week period prior to the relocation, and there was also a banner on site during this period advising residents of the move. The relocation was the subject of a press release and advertised in the local press (Haringey Independent) for two weeks prior to the move, and a further advert now the relocation has taken place. Information regarding the move was also placed on the NLWA and Haringey Council websites. For your reference I have attached a copy of the leaflet issued to residents on site regarding the relocation to Western Road.

Due to the lead- in time involved for the Council’s Haringey People magazine the new site details could not be included for the latest publication. NLWA and the Council plan to include information regarding Western Road in the future.

As you may appreciate, publicising the relocation of the site in a cost-effective manner does present challenges as the Reuse and Recycling Centre service is generally one that is used by people from across the borough and beyond, generally on an occasional basis.

Nevertheless, I apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope that you might be able to make use of the new site.

With regards to the other parts of your enquiry I have referred your email to Haringey Council, which will respond to you directly regarding this element of your enquiry.


Catherine Fairhurst
Assistant Contracts Manager
North London Waste Authority

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