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If the before/after pictures below alarm you, get your objections in now

Planning sub-cttee meeting scheduled for 12th Sept. 2011

Planning application ref. no. HGY/2009/0503 - ("Clarendon Square" proposal). See:


Outline planning application for demolition of existing structures and redevelopment to provide a residential led, mixed-use development, comprising between 950 to 1,080 residential units (C3); with 460sqm to 700sqm of office uses (B1); 370sqm to 700sqm of retail/financial and professional services uses (A1/A2); 190sqm to 550sqm of restaurant/cafe/drinking establishment uses (A3/A4); 325sqm to 550sqm of community/assembly/leisure uses (D1/D2); new landscaping, public and private open space, and energy centre, two utility compounds, up to 251 car parking spaces, cycle parking, access and other associated infrastructure works.

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This does look pretty shocking. I wonder if KGLC74 can help out with a bit more information.

Why is this coming to a conclusion now, 2 1/2 years after the application was submitted?

Who has created the 'after' image above? Has the image been validated independently, or has it been agreed with the applicant?

Which of the umpteen documents on the planning application is worth reading? Does any of them show an aerial view of the extent of the development?

Have any proposals been made for changes to the development which would make it acceptable?


Both of these images were taken from the documentation that forms part of the submission by the applicant (National Grid). The only change has been to reduce the image size to something manageable. And the applicant argues that this monstrosity is sensitive to the views from the surrounding area and that it would have negligible impact on Alexandra Park!


The detailed information provided online to support this planning proposal is hugely unhelpful and perhaps deliberately obscure. Please contact me at colin.marr@blueyonder.co.uk and I will happily send you more information about this appalling scheme.




Thanks for the additional info. I probably would not have found it in the welter of documents posted on the Haringey planning site.

Rather than asking for individual contacts perhaps you could post some of your information in this thread. 

In particular do you know how it ties in with the Coronation Sidings proposal for crossrail?

Playing devil's advocate for a moment, at least the applicant has supplied this image, and has drawn it from the worst possible viewpoint. Presumably it does not look so bad from the top of the hill?



I’ll post some more general considerations later and respond to your two specific questions now:


Network Rail’s proposal for Coronation Sidings is a separate plan and will be considered separately. Even if Haringey Council refuses planning permission for this, it likely to go to appeal and the chances are Network Rail as a public railway utility will win on appeal. For sure this will be an eyesore too!


The low level photomontages of Heartlands show how prominent this cliff-like barrier of ten, nine and eight storey blocks would be when viewed from the lower road. One hugely attractive feature of the present view is the distant horizon with the line of the wooded hills of Hertfordshire and Essex – this would be lost.


Whether or not the view would be less or more offensive the further up the hill you go, is a matter of opinion. For sure, from the Palace itself you would be able to see the whole scheme, all nine blocks!


More anon,



One of the objectionable aspects of the Heartlands plan is the callous demolition of an important industrial archaeological structure, namely Gasholder No 1, which dates from 1892. The outer frame of this piece of Wood Green’s heritage could be reused to make an attractive landmark building that would add some real quality to Heartlands. Sadly the plan is to wipe out all trace of the former significance of this site.


The Victorian Society has registered a strong objection to the current scheme – see the attached document. I will post up more information about the wider aspects of Heartlands and encourage readers of this Forum to submit their own objections.





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