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I had a call today from 01158712827.

The recorded message had a stab at guessing my age, but got it completely wrong. It said if I were under 60 I was entitled to £1,000, but I bet that wouldn't be true.

The real person I got in response to the option (5) I chose simply became angry when i tried to find out why they had called. That made two of us.

My number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service. I have reported this caller to the Information Commissioner's Office (which appears to be funded in part by the Ministry of Justice (i.e. our money) and in part by 'data controllers (whatever they are)).

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Data controllers are the public and private organisations that have our personal data - they pay a yearly registration fee to the ICO. It is a pretty standard way of part funding a regulator.

The nuisance calls are infuriating - I get at least one a day despite being registered with the TPS.

01792 211846  - you are entitled to compensation for an accident - touch wood and not wishing to tempt fate I've not had any accidents.

ico informed of this one too


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