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I have received this email from a building society at which I have had an account since 2008, and from which I have made a number of transfers to my nominated account.

Dear Mr Essex


Our records show that you have previously undertaken an electronic payment from your Market Harborough Building Society account. If these are your nominated bank account details it is now necessary for us to verify these details before we can provide this service again.


Therefore, to enable you to make any future electronic payments from your Market Harborough Building Society account, please can you send proof of your nominated bank details by posting these to the address below or scanning to us at customersfirst@mhbs.co.uk.


One of the following documents is required:


  • A voided cheque
  • Copy of a bank statement
  • Paying in slip


Thank you in anticipation of your assistance in this matter.



Matt Beer

Customer Support Manager

As hard as I try to accept that this chap with the comically inclined parents is simply doing his job, I find that using the banking system today is a real pain in the double entries.

Dear Matt Beer

Why do you have to verify details which have already been used successfully. 
I don't write cheques, I use electronic payments.
I don't get bank statements, all communication is online.
All payments into my account are made electronically, so I have no paying in slips.
If you really do have to do this please provide me with a mechanism which actually works in what is now the real world.
Adrian Essex

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