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A memo from Haringey


Dear Councillors,  


Cllr Canver previously circulated the email below regarding possible parking pressures occurring in Haringey during the Olympic period earlier this year. To date we have seen no demand for additional controls to be brought in for any part of the Borough.


With less than 57 days to go to the start of the Olympics, I would like to inform you that we are now approaching the deadline of 14 June where we will have insufficient time to put in place any additional parking controls for the Olympics period.


Detailed below are the key dates to note:


  • 25 July. - The Touch relay procession will come through Haringey.  Website Link  here  
  • 27 July  - 12 August - The official start of the London Olympics
  • 29 August -  9 September  - London Paralympics Games



The list of roads attached is the Olympic embargo roads. No planned works will be undertaken on these streets that impede traffic flows during the Olympic Embargo. Any emergency works that may occur during this period on the streets listed will be closely monitored to ensure they are completed as quickly as possible. The Olympic embargo period starts on the 1st of July 2012 and finishes on the 9th of September 2012. Highway authorities will use powers within the Traffic Management Act 2004 and New Road and Street Works Act 1991 to prevent planned works from taking place. If anyone notices works taking place and wish to check if permission has been granted by the London Borough of  Haringey, please call the Network Management Team on 0208 489 1391 or 0208 489 1346.    Olympic Embargo Period: Haringey Council  


During this period we will be taking extra steps to ensure that Traffic flows freely as possible on these roads and where requests for dispensations, suspension or skip licences are made these are likely to be refused for the Games period dates.  


Our website page at  Parking: Haringey Council contains further information.


Any vehicles that are identified as having broken down during this period will be relocated to side roads close to where they have broken down in order to reduce congestion that they and any recovery vehicle attending to the vehicle may cause.  


Accordingly if you require any further information regarding this matter, please contact either Gary Weston, Parking Infrastructure Manager on 0208 489 1709 or myself, Parking Schemes Manager on 0208 489 5135. 


Kind regards


Chris Roberts-Wray

Parking Projects Team Leader

Traffic Management - Single Frontline

London Borough of Haringey

River Park House

Wood Green

N22 8HQ



Tel: 020 8489 5135

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