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The Forum's December Despatch
Crouch End's Christmas is set to arrive this week, 10am-5pm Saturday December 2nd in the Town Hall Square – where the Crouch End Festival Christmas Market culminates in the switch on of the grand Christmas tree. Expect choirs, a brass band, a local celebrity, and a shivering detachment from the Forum.

Come visit our stall, our theme, transport.

Hornsey Town Hall, 2020 vision

As reported in our last newsletter, the new people at Hornsey Town Hall have appointed Time + Space Co. to take on the arts, community and small business operation. This week saw a couple of presentations by the MD, and the Forum took a look.

Whether they can satisfy everyone's ideas for the building – from bohemian creative enclave, to major arts venue, to village hall – is a tall order and at the moment the business uses look a stronger presentation than the arts. We posed a couple of questions, and thought a community liaison group would be a good idea during the period of development.
A transport of delight, and a liveable neighbourhood

As Haringey launch a consultation on its 2018 Transport Strategy (it runs until December 22nd), the Forum would like to know your views. What are your priorities for the streets of Crouch End? Buses, bicycles or pavements? Traffic flow or traffic pollution?

Of even greater potential delight to Crouch End is Haringey's bid to TfL's 'Liveable Neighbourhoods' fund. If successful it could deliver significant changes to the town centre, wider pavements, cycle lanes, who knows. If we find out, we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, battle was joined over the Niddle Noddle planter and a sneaky mini roundabout. The Council withdrew and re-drew. The new proposal is pictured, left. Read more.
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Library improvements?

The Forum is aware of moves to refurbish Hornsey Library. Figures of £1m and £2m have been bandied about, though the actual details are still under wraps – or at least out for 'internal' consultation. Rumours suggest significant changes to the main lending library hall, with lots more seating, changes to the counter, and even a cinema of sorts on the mezzanine floor. After the botched consultations for Highgate and Muswell Hill libraries we hope the public will be allowed a say before decisions are made. It may help.

The Thin Blue Line

The Police Station may be closing, but if you want to know the way, ask a policeman. The Crouch End Police have launched aWhatsapp service to keep the community informed and alert. Read more here.

Crouch End Planning dept.
Flats Arising

The pressure to build residential accommodation is rising. Literally. On Monday the march of bricks and mortar (or at least concrete and cladding) continued along Tottenham Lane with another sizeabledevelopment approved to replace the current Kwik Fit garage (pictured, left).

Meanwhile, earlier in the month the planners also green lit a new block at 70-2 Shepherds Hill (with consent to demolish a Victorian house – the conservation area is looking a little shaky, which leads us to...).

Hornsey Town Hall

On December 11th Haringey's planning committee will finally determine the Town Hall scheme. The Forum has posted its comments on the application – and with just days to go, two leaflets have hit Crouch End doormats –

Leaflet number one, from the developers, is rather keen on soliciting your support for the project. With recent announcements on restoration costs, social housing, and the arts operator, doubts about the project may be lifting a little. 

Moves to be welcomed really, though leaflet number two, from the local residents' association (available on OpinioN8 here), gets to the nub of the key remaining material planning issue and accords with the view of the Forum – one may like the development, but tearing up the rules for the conservation area by shoe-horning in 7 storey high blocks of flats should not be necessary.

Read more here.

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