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According to this news report from London 24, http://www.london24.com/news/nobody_wants_a_north_london_royal_knee...  nobody wants a street party to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding.  Not one application to the council has been made in Haringey.

I also noticed that the The Jealous Gallery in Crouch End has some, albeit rather beautiful, royal sick bags displayed in their window.

This makes me rather sad. Though I'm no royalist, I have fond memories of the Queen's Silver Jubilee when as a six year old I viewed the whole procession from my Dad's shoulders.  We watched the royal barge go under the bridge and then went home to Putney for a street party. I didn't see the Sex Pistols, though would later claim I did!

I'm quite looking forward to seeing Prince Horseface and Princess Primark get spliced and might just suggest to those reaching for the sick bags to forego the public holiday and go into work. 

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I agree it's sad that no-one has asked for a street party. However it may well be more due to reasons other than a lack of royal fervour.  I did think about organising one in our street, because it's high time all the neighbours met each other,  but I didn't for several reasons:

- the Royal Wedding date has created a 'holiday fest' in terms of days off - 8 non working days in 11, so I thought alot of people would be on holiday whcih would be a shame. It also occurs at the end of school holidays, a typically busy time for parents

-  Because April includes school holidays and Easter week, I personally have a very busy April, nowhere near enough time to arrange and co-oridinate everything for a street party. Maybe others had the same issue

- I guess it's true that 'cool' North Londoners are shy about being overtly royalist, it's something we don't shout about

I'm not sure what date the Jubiliee is next year but I'm hoping it will be better timed for holidays/ preparation work, and I can organise a street party then. For me, it's not primarily about waving flags, it's primarily about getting neighbours together and creating a stronger community.



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