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'NO' to Ending free bulky waste collections and closing the recycling centre

Haringey's current budget proposals will see the end of free bulky and green waste collections and the closure of one of the recycling centres.

These changes are likely to spell real trouble in this borough. It will inevitably lead to a significant increase in dumping with the poorest areas being hardest hit.

Research has shown that introducing a charge can lead to a drop in demand for collections of 50-75% on previous levels. Fly-tipping will increase as a result.

An alternative approach to introducing a collection charge would be to limit or reduce the number of items accepted for free, and/or the number of free collections allowed per year.

An alternative to closing the recycling centre would be to control who uses the centre and make a small charge as appropriate.

The cabinet meets to decide on this issue in two weeks' time. Whilst the consultation is now closed you can still email the cabinet member responsible (peray.ahmet@haringey.gov.uk) and copy your councillor.

Budget proposals: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/policies-and-strategies/...

Survey (CLOSED 22 JAN): http://www.haringey.gov.uk/survey/budget-2017-18

(Reproduced form Harringay Online)

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Haringey kept inviting me to look at their budget plans, and I kept ignoring the invitations. Looking through some of them now, I sort of wish I hadn't, though, it has to be asked, what difference would it have made if I did express dissatisfaction with any of the proposals. It looks as though the HDV will come into existence and the HTH sale will go ahead despite all the protests. The small beer in the budget is probably already a done deal.

I live not very far from the Western Road R&R centre, but it is still too far. The point of Reuse and Recycling is surely to reduce the energy , time and materials that go into making new things. If I have one thing to, potentially, recycle, does the world really benefit if I drive those miles (1.3 miles about a 7 minute drive) to the tip. I reckon probably not, the fumes and the fossil fuel and the fraught energy I use up must more than outweigh the saving derived from the recycled mattress or bedstead or boom box or pots of paint, if indeed any of those things ever do get recycled. If it were the Western Park depot being closed I am pretty sure I'd never go to Park View Road, unless I'd built up a huge supply of old tat in my front yard. And as for a depot in Enfield, not a chance. 

The risk of increased fly tipping is acknowledged in the budget, but only lip service. 

Haringey have got bigger problems to worry about than my objection to their few recycling quid. Cllr Landtricks is so desperate he's posing for photoshoots with dustcarts, and I've utterly lost faith in my local councillors, the turncoat Elliott and the defamatory crew as a whole with their inaccurate ad hominem attacks.

Sorry, Hugh, mea illegitimi carborundum already.


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