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Mountview School of Dramatic Acting has issued a new newsletter.

Not a word about Hornsey Town Hall. 

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Well a project like this takes ages and there can be long periods when nothing is happening.

A bit tedious to keep reporting "still no news" in your regular newsletters, so one tends to wait until there is something positive to say.

(Been there, done that.)

Perhaps this may be true of some projects, but the last news on this one took the form MOUNTVIEW WINS HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND SUPPORT FOR HORNSEY TOWN HALL, which sounds like unreservedly good news, except the principal qualified this by saying "There is now a real chance of this important building being restored . . . . ", where I'd have thought damn near half a million should guarantee it. What have they done with £482,600 that brings no news?

Well as it was a grant there will be conditions attached, and deliverables. You could, I suppose, try asking them...


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