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Some news about theKwik Fit Application. The inspector in his judgment rejecting the developer's appeal against Haringey's refusal to grant planning permission writes

"In light of my findings regarding the height and the design and appearance of the proposed front block I conclude that it would conflict with policies UD3 and UD4 of the UDP. The former of these seeks to ensure, amongst other things, that the proposal complements the character of the local area and is of a nature and scale that it is sensitive to the surrounding area. The latter seeks to ensure high quality design."


So KWIK Fit, MEB and Bubbles live to fight another day


Many Thanks to Lyn Weber for her email



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Long live MEB, KWIK Fit, and Bubbles!

I'd also like to Lynn Weber for rallying the local residents to voice their opinions of the application, both during the initial planning process, and the subsequent appeal.

A number of people put in considerable time and effort regarding this, not least my wife, Alison Lillystone, and the community is, I'm sure, extremely grateful to them for their tenacity.

Most importantly, for those who haven't yet read the adjudication, the appeal was well and true dismissed, and the lengthy report covers and agrees with just about every objection raised.

For far too long, the community has been blighted not only by the erection and presence of the former YMCA (noting that it has been a Bail Hostel for quite some years), which is entirely out of keeping with its surroundings (and wouldn't be granted planning permission these days), but also by its use as a device by developers to propose similarly unacceptable plans.


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