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New shop opening: Hardware & DIY store where Riley's used to be

The new fit-out has started already. 

With Bishops and Patels very close by and well-established, I wonder how this one will fare.

And will they make a good job of repairing their own rotted window surround.

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Damn, I wanted to post this under the heading "Probably just a passing Fads" in honour of a previous diy store from years ago roughly where Gregg's is now. I couldn't remember its name but Linda Grant did.

Those in Muswell Hill are greatly exercised by the impending closure of Clarks Shoe Shop. Though a quick search of Zoopla suggests many fewer shops to let in Muswell Hill than in Crouch End . The Ham and High article by Sam Volpe is here

Glimpsed in the window today

Okay I'll bite.

An everyday object seen from an unusual angle? Fire extinguishers? An enormous adze? Rolls of emery paper? Replacement parts for Polaris? 

It says "Keep Out". Might be a popular line, though I had another excellent experience in Bishop's today buying picture hanging bits and bobs. I doubt if next-door-to-rileys could compete.

New hardware store now open. An impressive range of products, should save a trek over to Homebase in future. Not so good though for Bishops and the Greek electrical shop.

Homebase!!! Of actually useful shops, as opposed to nail bars and estate agents, Crouch End has two excellent hardware stores in Bishops and Patel's. Shop local.

And pleased to see the rather ferocious external security shutters have been replaced with internal ones. A bit less Fortress Tottenham and more in keeping with our urban village landscape.

I understand that a couple of members of the local planning group vigilantes took this up with Haringey enforcement to achieve the relocation. A small success for localism and the local authority. I rather dislike the peremptory instruction "DIY" hanging over the shopfront. "Can we help?" would have been friendlier.

 Win some, lose some. It is reported that Thomerson's is to close. Where will we get those bits of wood?


I've given this a local headline and identified the cause

The signage is horrendous and all the brushes and buckets on the pavement VERY Wood Green
There goes the neighborhood?


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