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New job for Duncan Wilson formerly CEO at Alexandra Palace

I have received this email from Save Ally Pally. It would seem that as far as English Heriatge goes we now have two sets of overseers where previously there was only one. The local connection is that Duncan Wilson, outgoing CEO of Alexandra Palace (soon to be dramatically refurbished), will be the head of the newly formed body.

The CEO of Ally Pally is leaving, having successfully applied for the job of head of the newly hived-off division of English Heritage responsible for planning advice and comments to local authorities, and listing (called Historic England).

He will thus be the future boss of the officers who have ignored our pleas to preserve the external evidence of the BBC studios and have just refused a request by the Alexandra Palace Conservation Advisory Committee to review their decision, in the light of the new evidence.
Of course, any suggestions that these two things are or have been in any way connected should be rejected as totally scurrilous and outrageous and without foundation.
But it does possibly mean that any further appeal from Mr Wilson's plans and EH's inspector's serious belief that the vestiges of Victorian tea-rooms are more historically important than the 1930's remnants of the birthplace of television, is unlikely to be welcomed sympathetically by them under their newly-titled brand Historic England (prop. Mr D Wilson).
But meanwhile, more encouragingly, supporters of the "conserve as found" approach are starting to win in the wider court of public opinion, and experts in the field. 
Both the (national) Association of Industrial Archaeology, and the Greater London  Industrial Archaeological Society have added comments to the planning site supporting the objections to removing the bricking. There are many other supportive comments from individuals.
There is a chance that the expected planning approval from Haringey council may be referred to Eric Pickles for approval. And the growing disquiet about the needless desecration of the exterior of the studios may cause the HLF to think again about their support for this aspect of the plans.
Best wishes

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