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Pottered past what used to be (for a very very shirt time) the Fat Cat Bistro last night.


There's a council notice in the window saying that it'll shortly be Citrus and Cocoa.


The name doesn't really narrow down the cuisine, but fingers crossed the owners will make a better fist of it than the previous occupiers (although I recall there was some controversy with the lease owners at the time)



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Yes the last place lasted about five minutes. I see there's scaffolding outside Bouga. Unclear if it's just external work or an indicator of a new cafe coming

Citrus and Cocoa seem to be clients of Juliet Shield   (Citrus and Cocoa (new health food/coffee bar restaurant in Crouch End))

I hope the involvement of an advisor bodes well for them - they have a lot of competition, cafe wise, so they'll need to do something a wee bit different to stand out.


I'm not sure what Crouch End's saturation point is, cafe-wise. It seems insane they can all stay open.


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