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The Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum is finalising a consultation plan, consultation being the first step in drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan.

Given that community involvement is central to the philosophy of a Neighbourhood Forum they want your comments on the plan. Read it here and make your comments, or go to the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum website and leave comments there.





  1. Send out mailshot to all people on the mailing list letting them know:
  • Thanking everyone for their contributions in preparing the application documents
  • Confirming application docs have been submitted, with links to final docs
  • Explaining the next steps
  • Publishing the draft policy areas that the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will cover
  • Asking people to choose one or more policy areas that they would like to help work on (survey monkey?) so we can increase the numbers of people actively involved in researching and writing the plan
  1. Analyse findings from online and paper questionnaire to establish:
  • What people like / don’t like / want to change about Crouch End
  • Priorities for areas to be covered in the NP
  • Produce report combining these findings with findings from Workshop 1 (July 2015) and disseminate with agreed policy topic list
  1. Agree policy topics to be covered. Keep topics very broad at this stage as they are likely to split into more areas as we go through the process. This allows room for the discussions to evolve, rather than being too prescriptive now. Basically they are things that support living here, what makes it a centre, the bits between buildings, and then buildings.
  • Community services – facilities, health, education
  • Town centre – shopping, business, art and culture, traffic and transport
  • Public realm – public, open and green spaces, streets and landscaping
  • Planning and development – design, heritage, active planning applications and policy
  1. Research each policy topic:
  • Appoint sub-group with named leader to focus on each topic
  • Research current policies relevant to this topic (eg: what does it say about the Local Plan about this?)
  • Research current state of play for this policy topic in Crouch End (eg: what community facilities already exist in Crouch End?)
  • Sub-group to write up the key issues for this topic to report back to the steering group
  • Sub-group to define 1-4 key questions to ask the public for each topic to understand their perspective
  1. Consult as widely as possible on key questions for each policy topic, covering one topic per month:
  • One Saturday or Sunday per month, set up stall by clock tower or in front of town hall green with information about the CENF, and ask people the key questions on that month’s topic. Let people know the topic covered the previous month, with headline findings for them to respond to, as well as the topic coming up the following month
  • Questions to be presented in a fun, interactive format to encourage people to respond
  • Use these face to face interactions to gather more names and email addresses for the mailing list
  • At the same time, email the mailing list with the topic of the month questions, and headline findings of the month before

If once a month is unfeasible, have a stall every other month and cover two topics at a time

  1. Consulting with stakeholders:
  • Send personalised email to all stakeholder / community groups each month to ask them to speak to their membership about the topic and feedback; especially important to do this where the topic is directly relevant to the group
  • Continue to invite groups to send a representative to the CENF meetings where policy areas will be discussed as well as ongoing consultation and other work
  1. Throughout this period, attend public events if possible to put up our stall and ask key topic questions and share information about what we’re doing
  • Over Christmas, there are likely to be several big events / markets where we could put up a stall. Depending on our capacity, we should aim to go to at least 1 or 2, eg: school Xmas fairs and Crouch End Festival on the Green
  1. Drawing together all the topic findings:
  • Put together the key findings for each topic with public feedback on the main issues
  • Hold big public workshop to discuss policy recommendations for each topic
  • Disseminate findings via mailing list

  1. Linking policy findings to actual places (if needed):
  • Lead walkabouts through each transect of Crouch End (as per Chris Mason’s map) looking at how each policy relates to specific places

[Not sure about how to tie this bit in properly – we have to relate the policies to actual places but do we do that before / after / at the same time?]

  1. Write the policies for each topic for the neighbourhood plan!
  1. More consultation to disseminate and check back with people on the finalised policies, as well as discussing a Community Infrastructure Levy spending plan and other practical outputs

Other things to think about:

  • Throughout this process – which might take 12-18 months, immediate issues are going to arise. As they do, we can discuss our response at CENF meetings and set up action groups as necessary. If appropriate, we can use our mailing list to both share information and canvas opinion to help define our standpoint
  • Online tool for people to share their thoughts about places and specific place-based issues (to tie in with walkabouts?), like Stickyworld
  • Working with schools – getting kids to feedback on different topics
  • Working more closely with high school kids to take more active role in developing the plan (A level geography students working on this as a project?)
  • Making sure we’re reaching harder-to-reach groups
  • Specific communication / meetings / workshops with business community
  • Using Locality funding to employ someone to help with the plan writing process

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