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Nearly Large Grubby Brown Trashcan of the week - what a waist

I now have such a fine collection of used item disposal units, that I've decided to give them awards, under the rubric "Rubbish for All". This week's winner of Bin of the Week is the garden waste bin. It gets the award for being in almost constant use since I and a consortium of 24 neighbours clubbed together to pay £3 each for the annual subscription.

To celebrate I set it this morning on a small and rickety pedestal and took its photograph for you to see below. 

I also entered it for the Large Grubby Brown Trashcan award , but since it was only delivered some few weeks ago, it cannot yet be considered Grubby enough.

To be honest to call it a Haringey award is an exaggeration. It's really only applicable to my front yard, still we don't get many awards over here, being as we are, on the wrong side of the tracks. 

A front yard I may have to park my car on soon, if we get our promised share of Modal Filters.

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