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Namebench - a perfect way to speed up your surfing website experience at home

Recently discovered and confirmed by practice a way to speed up your Internet experience with opening websites. So if you spend quite a lot of time working with the Internet you know that every second matters. Remember that this solution would apply to all computers working in your local home or office network.

This process includes two general steps:

1)   Download the software from the website https://code.google.com/p/namebench/ install it and run the scanning process to identify the closest and fastest DNS servers for your local network. After running the full scan you will see the report with IP addresses of your primary and secondary DNS servers looking like this:

 2)   Manually enter the primary and secondary IP addresses of your DNS servers and apply the changes. As we are users of different operating systems I prepared short instructions for Mac and Windows users

Path for changing DNS settings for Mac OS X users:

 Click Apple Logo – System Preferences – Network – Advanced button – DNS tab “+” And “-“ button to remove existing and enter new DNS setting – Apply button to confirm changes during coming out process

Path for changing DNS settings for Windows XP users:

Click Start – Control Panel – Pick Category “Network and Internet Connections” Network Connections – right click Network Connections – choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) – Properties button – find DNS setting at the bottom and enter new DNS settings for your home network – click OK and close all windows

Path for changing DNS settings for Windows Vista/7/8 users:

Click Start – Control Panel – Network and Internet category – Network and Sharing Centre – Change Adapter Setting on left panel – double click Network Connection – Properties – double click Internet Protocol Version 4 – click Use the following DNS server addresses and enter your new DNS server IP addresses – click OK and close all windows

This procedure for sure will improve your Internet experience very quickly, on one condition that your computer, operating system and an Internet browser are in healthy condition. Do not expect miracles if your computer generally works slowly.

If any doubts, questions or feedbacks just let everybody knows.

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