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My Kind of Coffee has made the world news.


Coffee lovers in the area of Crouch End in London are in for a treat – Fevzan Ulker has just opened an independent coffee shop which showcases his experience and passion for coffee. It also has something a little different to offer its customers – Ulker goes to the trouble of roasting the coffee beans at the shop in full view of visitors, just to make sure that customers have a unique, fresh and flavoursome coffee experience when they visit his shop.

Ulker has a passion for coffee. Reports in the local press comment that he samples around 20 coffee blends every day and has been roasting the beans all his life. He earned his spurs with a café in Hampstead but closed it in 2009 once the chain shops flooded the market. However, as always, this issue provoked a carefully-thought out response from Ulker, who vowed to make his next coffee business venture a little different.

Already he is reaping the benefits of his labours. In less than a week, the blends he sells in his new coffee shop, My Kind of Coffee, are being sold by local shops too.

He has chosen blends from all over the world to make it into his shop – especially South American and African coffee beans from countries such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala. In total, Ulker sells 17 varieties of beans and takes much care in mixing the blends to make sure that they are just right


This is a picture of its iconic union flag fauteuil


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