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My comment re town hall on crouchendlabour website seems to disappear

Just googling around this morning and came across a few websites that I had not seen before after reading Adrian's post "Inappropriate in a conservation area".

One of which was crouchendlabour.wordpress.com. I have not visited this site for a quite while but was entranced by their post https://crouchendlabour.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/open-letter-to-fec/

So much so that I was inspired to leave a comment - which remained for all but a few minutes.

I have decided to take an alternative tack and post a much more complimentary message as follows:

Fantastic response, really really really great. Shows strength of character, no weakness, no u-turns, labour coucillors at their best. They absolutely cannot, can they, be accused of supporting the evil capitalist developers who are planning to destroy the character of crouch end. Of course I am sure our dear so well respected labour councillors - whom we will absolutely all vote for next time around - want to support say the 50% social housing target in the 146 flats planned for the revitalised horsey town hall. They absolutely will no longer be holding their heads in shame - no sir! Wow the dastardly liberals and greens will not have a look in. When our dear labour councillors knock on my door next time I shall be welcoming them in as I have always done - what integrity, bon courage.

I am sure that they will love this post.

Just discovered that FEC is the Far East Consortium that will make the £22m profit on the redevelopment which is amazing given they bought the site for less than the cost of two houses on Weston Park!. 

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The labour site seems to have pingbacks enabled. If you add your comment to another wordpress site, and include the full open letter url, then your comment should appear as a pingback link. HTHAS is , I think, a suitable wordpress site.

Thank you


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