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Munch cafe bar - Crouch Hill - my first favourable impressions

Had an early lunch in Munch today. It's a delightful little place mainly done out with reclaimed wood and furniture. It's a cafe / bar. So the emphasis is relaxed - hardly any need to wait till the sun is over the yard arm to start ordering the cocktails, or , as we did, take a little smoked mackerel or avocado on toast. All very tasty. And go back in the evening for more cocktails or beer or wine.

The menu changes slightly in the evening with the introduction of sharing platters.

The layout provides window tables, comfy armchairs and a very discreet corner just out of sight, where , if you were lucky enough to have an assignation, you could conduct it very discreetly.

It's not too far to walk, just up the hill not quite as far as Oddbins, but just beyond the recording studios / cathedral.


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I'm happy to hear that Munch, which I pass almost daily but haven't yet been inside, is worth a go.

Re Edith's House, the successor to the late lamented Zer, it's just as chintzy as I feared it would be. It hasn't yet opened up (on 17th September as I write) but I peered in through the front window, got an eyeful of the Beatrix Potter décor, and was not impressed. Perhaps the menu, which I haven't yet seen, will help make up for its musty 1950s granny's sitting room appearance. To my eye, Edith's House has a lot to prove.

Hal D.

How many more cafes does Crouch End need.? Does no-one eat at home any more? 

Edith's House in Rye is very popular. The reviews online seem pretty favourable. Reminds me in decor of the old Wisteria Tea Rooms (I think that was the name) that were on Middle Lane years ago. 


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