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This paragraph is taken from a Guardian article which concedes the thought that the Board might be right, just not good communicators:

"North London's Whittington hospital provides the latest excruciating example of how not manage service reorganisations. By mishandling the communication of plans to replace wards with community facilities it has a rebellion on its hands."

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The Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition does not concede thought:

Hi Everyone,
1. Invitation from Whittington Board to "discuss' the proposals on Monday 25th February
We expect this to be an occasion where once again the Board of the Whittington attempt to convince the Whittington community that their sell-off plans are in the best interests of the Trust and our health needs. This is not the case. We need proper hospital facilities and enough beds to meet needs. There have been recent red alerts with not enough hospital beds as it is, and their current bed occupancy of 94% is at an unsafe level. 
They have said publicly that they do not intend to withdraw their plans to sell off the buildings, cut beds (we think from 420 to 177) and to slash jobs by 570 and to develop community health resources instead. We welcome health improvements but not at the expense of losing beds, wards, buildings and jobs. 
That is why we are planning to
2 Lobby the Board Meeting and request that they withdraw their proposals. They have never consulted on these proposals and did not even discuss them at the last Board meeting, which voted to accept them. We understand that this sidelined the elected Governors (who have kept very quiet about this). So please join us on Wednesday, if you can, and tell the Board what you think of their plans tp decimate our hospital.Leaflet attached
3 Demonstration 16th March. Assemble 11.30 Highbury Corner, Holloway Road. This will be our community's opportunity to show, en masse, that we want to STOP THE SELL OFF! Leaflet attached
HELP! Please
To build effectively please ;et everyone know by 
i)    Tweeting @dwhcoalition
ii)    Leafleting See below and join the teams. Let is know, too if you can help
iii)   Stewarding we will tell everyone what the jobs are for stewards and how to do them! We desperately needs stewards. Please let us know if you can help
iv)   Organisational help This has become a huge organisational challenge and we welcome more helpers on board, in addition to the above tasks. If you have some hours spare and can help, please email
v)    Donations will be very gratefully received. Please make cheques to Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition, and send to Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition, c/o Whittington Community Centre, Yerbury Road, London N19
vi)    Petitions Please sign the online petition from the link below and use the paper one on stalls etc, available on our website - www.dwhc.org.uk
Shops and Tube Station Leafleting for the Lobby and Demo
We want to leaflet shopping areas this Saturday and local tube stations after work next week - please get in touch if you can take leaflets to start a session - we'll find people to join you.
We would like to leaflet key shopping areas at 12noon - 1pm on Saturday.
  • Can you help in Archway / Kentish Town / Holloway Nags Head / Finsbury Park / Wood Green shops?
We want to leaflet tube stations 5.30 - 6.30pm on Monday - Wednesday next week.
  • Can you help cover Archway, Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, Highbury & Islington, Holloway Road, Finsbury Park, Wood Green and Highgate?
With best wishes and thanks for your continued support

Shirley Franklin
Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Please sign the petition to stop the Whittington Hospital Sell-off!


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