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The planning application at 159 Tottenham Lane is coming close to expiry. The reason for putting an expiration date on a planning application is so that developers cannot build up huge reserves of land on which planning has been granted but where nothing ever happens. This is the sort of thing that might happen if a speculator could see a future increase in the value of pieces of land, but in the meantime the land would be blighted. Also fashions change, so what was a good application three years ago might be not quite so good now.

In this case the developer has simply asked that exactly the same proposal be approved again.

I guess in order for it not to be something has to have changed, and included on the list of things that might have changed are:

localism - apparently we locals have more say in what happens locally - perhaps our objections might now carry more weight

high level disaffection with planning delays - the coalition government believes that building things might help us out of recession - this might enable the developer to sneak in a few more units

some precedent has been set - e.g. the planning inspector's rejection of the Kwik Fit appeal, though I think somewhere in the judgement it was pointed out that the YMCA does not provide a precedent for very tall buildings on Tottenham Lane

Anyway Haringey is soliciting comments

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This re-application has been refused - 159 Tottenham Lane.

The full decision note is here, The three main reasons given are:

1. The proposed development does not meet the standards set out in the London Housing Design Guide
and will therefore provide substandard residential accommodation contrary to Policy 3.5 'Quality and
design of housing developments' of the London Plan 2011.
2. The proposed development does not provide sufficient energy saving to adequately mitigate the impact
on climate change contrary to Policy 5.2 'Minimising carbon dioxide emissions' of the London Plan 2011.
3. The proposed offer of 1 x 2-bed and 1 x 3-bed units for affordable housing is below the policy target
50% and no up-to-date financial viability assessment has been submitted to justify the offer. The proposal
would therefore provide insufficient affordable housing to address the Borough's housing needs contrary to
London Plan Policy 3.12 'Negotiating affordable housing on individual private residential and mixed use
schemes' and Haringey UDP Policy HSG4 'Affordable Housing'.


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