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monthly update on policing / community issues in the Crouch End and Highgate areas

Dear all

I have been given the go ahead to distribute a monthly update on policing / community issues in the Crouch End and Highgate areas. Hopefully you will find it informative and I welcome your thoughts and contributions as we go forward. Please forgive me for not issuing a bespoke message for each ward but I hope you will understand the reason for combining the information.

2012 promises to be a landmark year for policing in London as I am sure you are all aware. The upcoming Diamond Jubilee and Olympic and events will require huge resources but we are determined that your local policing will not be disproportionately affected. Your local teams will still be working towards your local priorities as often as possible. The recent addition of Neighbourhood Policing teams to the Borough also provides us with extra resources which are available to be used as local demands require. It promises to be a fabulous summer (not weather-wise though obviously!) and I want everyone to be able to enjoy it confident that their local area is safe.

We went into April on the back of a large reduction of year on year crime figures both in Highgate and Crouch End. This is great news but provides us with a significant challenge to sustain the reduction.

The first couple of months of the year saw a spate of burglaries particularly in the Highgate area and specifically by suspects travelling on mopeds. This was met with a significant response from ourselves and other borough resources and these specific offences have largely abated. That said April did see some offences, notably in Cholmeley Crescent. Some of the victims were elderly and we have used our local contacts and Neighbourhood Watches to help us support them. As I have always stressed it is a wonderful sign of the 'community spirit' in our Wards that the vulnerable members are cared for so compassionately by their neighbours. Please do let us know if there is an elderly person in your area who you are concerned about for whatever reason and we can ensure that they get the most appropriate support.

There were no real patterns to the offences in Crouch End with locations and times varying. Just a reminder that we are always happy to attend to carry out a security review of your premises to try and ensure that you are employing the best crime prevention methods to keep your homes safe. Just call and we can arrange an appointment.

Thankfully the number of robbery offences in Crouch End and Highgate is low. We did have two offences in quick succession on the 19th whereby a suspect threatened violence to the owners of two cars in an attempt to gain possession of their vehicles. He didn't succeed on either occasion and no-one was hurt. The investigation has made headway and continues.

The team are always keen to receive any intelligence from the local community regardless of the subject matter. Whether it be drug use, child welfare or noise nuisance we will aim to deal with the issue so please if you even consider phoning the police about something, be brave, take the plunge and do it. I know there have been issues with police response on occasions but I would always encourage you to go with your instincts. Just to reiterate the numbers are;

999 - Emergency - You need Police NOW 
101 - 24 Hour number to report incidents or crimes that are not an emergency 
My team - Pretty much anything else!........to do with policing that is!

This weekend sees the first Crouch End Festival and the team will be around to ensure it goes of safely and to provide any assistance necessary. It sounds as if it will be a terrific event and it will be followed next month by the Highgate Festival on 16th June, which again the local team will be policing. These events and those such as the Crouch End Fun Run on 20th May help to make our Wards what they are and I would urge as many of you as possible to support them…….Sadly I won't be able to run in the fun run this year as age is catching up with me and I have an injury, but I will be attending on my day off to support the event.

Thank you to all of you who contribute to your community and are interested enough to receive the e-mails we send. Please pass them on to as many others as you can so that our network continues to build. 

Best wishes and please do get in touch


Sergeant John McGrath
Crouch End and Highgate SNT's - Haringey

 ( Phone:       0208 649 3515  (Crouch End)
                              0208 721 2673  (Highgate)

      :  E-mail:     John.McGrath@met.police.uk
 Mail:        The Collection 73-75 Crouch Hall Road 
                                                       N8 8HD

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