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Does anyone get milk delivered in Crouch End?

I've really struggled to find anyone offering the service.


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One day last week I was walking from Patel's the ironmonger (etc) by the roundabout at the end of Ferme Park Road towards the Music Palace when a milk float pulled up outside the Palace cafe. The milkman was the same chap who used to deliver my milk on Glasslyn Road when I lived there about 10 years ago.  Also I'm pretty sure that during moments of insomnia I've heard a milk float passing down Fairfield Road. So I'm confident that a milk delivery can be achieved here or hereabouts. Regrettably I don't recall the name of the company. Google though knows everything and throws up a variety of milk delivery options, including dairy depots in alphabetical order .

I still like the idea of having milk delivered. The repeated re-use of the bottle is one of the few genuine examples of recycling. I like the very old bottles that used to have a company name embossed, but which have eventually rubbed shoulders with so many other bottles the name is removed.

I don't like the word recycling. It is inherently tautologous. Cycles by definition go round and round repeatedly. Adding the 're' prefix is therefore unnecessary and wasteful - making it not just tautologous but an oxymoron. Especially when the best we seem to manage now is to take bottles after a single use, crush them and use the dust to resurface roads. Just a one time re-use. No hint of cycling - except on the roads.

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ilmonstroMay 15, 9:04pm via TweetDeck

@OpinionN8 There is a milkfloat. Saw it on Coolhurst rd yesterday morning. They didn't look like the sort of guys who have a website though.

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StroudGreenWI1:22am via Web

@OpinionN8, try Dairy Crest - 020 8360 1133 will get you their N9 base. They subcontract - in N4, Moreton Dairy does the deliveries.

In Elmfield Avenue we have had milk delivered by Derek for several years. That's all I know him as! I've completely forgotten the company and contact details (I think it is DairyCrest) but will obtain them. 

It is a highly reliable service, give a variety of milk choices, including organic, and also delivers other items such as orange juice. I like it because it means less plastic containers to pollute the world, and it means one less thing to carry back from Budgens. However, you do have to be more organised if going away and give proper notice for cancellation.

Anyway, recommended.

In Fairfield Road we've had milk delivered since we arrived 22 years ago, by the same milkman all that time!  It's great because you always have milk to hand, it's 'green' with the reuse of glass bottles and no plastic waste, and if necessary we can top up our milk at the shops at leisure.

It is Lewis Dairies that deliver it (used to be Dairy Crest) and our milkman is called Ian - he's INCREDIBLY reliable, quite amazing really, never got the order wrong in all this time. He comes in dead of night maybe 4 am so we hardly ever see him but he always follows instructions left out on a note 100%. 

When we get out next bill I'll post on N8 Ian's telephone number to call for a local service, or if you like you can try Lewis Dairies themselves on 020 7739 2292 (they are based in E2).


Thanks everybody

Really glad there is someone and you've all come to the rescue. Dairy Crest website says they don't support N8 and N4 but they were really helpful and they are arranging for their partners to get in touch.

I'm looking forward to my first delivery already.


Here are the details for the milkman who serves some of Crouch End - his name is Ian, very reliable, he's been delivering to us over 20 years.

 Mobile number 07946 666504, he lives in Edmonton (I have his address but probably best just to give you his mobile number.



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