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Dianne asked "Does anyone know why the drain under the clocktower on the Waitrose side is always overflowing with MILK?!?!? CROUCH END MYSTERY" and now she has asked I want to know the answer. This dribble of white stuff has been there on the Haelan Centre side of the Clock Tower for at least a week.

Is it milk? Might it be emulsion paint? If its a spill why hasn't the rain cleared it away? Is there a source of mysterious white stuff inside the tower? Is it the milk of human kindness? Is it Riley's left over vanilla sorbet? I thought it was someone's shopping that hadn't quite made it home.

Does it have anything to do with a dinosaur or Brian the missing pet?


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Its bloody grim whatever it is. Someone needs to get in there and give it a sniff. I figure if it were milk it would be surrounded by hungry kittens?

Today it looks more like weak cocoa

ergh, it is FOUL Why is is leaking out?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!
its gross whatever it is.

Its looking very horrible today

Maybe if I report it to Love Clean London  it will get to Veolia who will report it to Haringey who will . . . . ?


In the normal course of events I would by now be complaining that this drain is still not clear despite my report - the enamel like surface which had formed is now dissolving in the rainwater - but events have not been normal.
It looks like wood glue to me.
The rainwater and gunk suspension looked peculiarly unattractive today.


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