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Middeys makes a sporting effort to tidy up its festival act

Middey's has done a bit of work tidying up the frontage and it looks much better.

The only thing obscuring the view of the Town Hall now are the damn trees, and the remaining awning. The remnant of the al fresco dining area is still hideous - it is to be hoped the new owners will be able to improve it as part of their redesign of the Hornsey Town Hall Square.

I still have my concerns about the fly-posting, both here and elsewhere in CE , and I am far from convinced that keeping the site tidy constitutes "sport for the festival".

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And now the council have improved things further by removing the old, dead, rotten tree.

I wonder if the removal of the dead tree was prompted by Health & Safety concerns. With so many people milling about in the square for the Festival, Haringey might have felt it was a risk factor and did not want to face "Neglected tree injures reveller - Council responsible" headlines.

But never mind why, the view is much improved.

I too noticed that the Middey's site had had a bit of a tidy-up. The temporary fencing was useless anyway because it kept falling down.  What a shambles and hope they get going again soon with the development or sell it to someone who will take it forward. I can't say I'm keen on the Middeys concept but whatever kind of restaurant they open and whatever they do with the TELEPHONES letters, having such a prominent site in limbo for a long time cannot be good for the area.


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