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There has been some chatter lately as Middey's moves stuff in and out of the building. For example this on Facebook.

And Middey's do seem still to have plans for the place. This Middey's Planning application seeks permission to put up a new canopy.

I think many in Crouch End will be prejudiced against Middey's. They have been bloody awful custodians of what should be a prime spot for us to indulge our snacking vices, quite possibly in the sun, and with a view of the grassy square. They are now well over a year late with their proposed opening, during which time Middey's has been taken over by a convenience store. Which means the planning application needs to be a good one. But it aint. The proposed canopy is excessive in its scale, it permanently blocks the public highway, and utterly changes the nature of a listed building and the square, which is an asset of community value. I have submitted an objection, the words of which are set out below.

Astonishingly, Haringey's Principal Conservation Officer , Nairita Chakraborty, considers the old canopy to be a suitable precedent for the new one. I think she should look again.

The Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum has submitted a detailed Middey's ob..., founded on planning principles, which shows just how bad a proposal this is.

My objection to the Planning application

This application is for a canopy with opening and closing roof and sides. In the event that all the closing parts are closed this becomes a permanent structure.
My objections are:
This is a public highway providing a key access route to the Town Hall - it must not be closed off by a building of this scale
This form of structure is not a suitable add-on to a an art deco listed building
Al fresco dining could better and more appropriately be provided by removable tables and chairs
The existence of the old canopy should not in any way be treated as a precedent for the new one - the old canopy was originally erected without the benefit of planning permission
A public consultation is proposed for design changes to the Town Hall Square. This structure would seriously compromise such a consultation
Images 3 and 4 in the supportive statement are quite different. How do we know what is being proposed. Image 4 is totally unacceptable as the proposed extension to the building occupies the entire footway.
The conclusion n the supportive is spurious. 5.01 is of no planning consequence, and 5.02 draws upon the precedent of the derelict canopy.

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I think Linda Grant is having a go at my objections. The key points she misses are that the Clock Tower was built by public subscription as a matter of civic pride, in a time when at least some politicians commanded public respect. Her disapproval validates my opinion.

Nineteenth-century Crouch End Appreciation Society.

Is everyone aware of the plans to build a CLOCKTOWER in Crouch End?! I've studied the planning application and there are several serious problems with this proposal - first what about the inconvenience to local residents woken through the night by the boom of the chimes? The design is a complete waste of building materials when all it does is incorporate a clock. Technophobes may hate the idea, but people are starting to wear watches and have no need of a central clock which can't even be seen as soon as you get to Elder Avenue. No community facilities whatsoever are being proposed and the structure takes up valuable pavement space as well as being a trip hazard for the blind and partially sighted and a serious obstacle for perambulators. All this is typical of the arrogant council which does not take the needs of the community into account. What will future generations of Crouch End residents think of us if this monstrosity is built? Please sign the petition. NOBODY WANTS A CLOCKTOWER.


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