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There's a big sign up announcing the arrival of Middey's Brasserie on this crucial corner site part of the Hornsey Town Hall site. Just now there is an absolutely hideous fence obliterating any view of any thing at all. It's truly ugly. I'm guessing that Middey's will be an outpost of this Cockfosters outifit, which proclaims itself as a new concept - a pleasantly comfortable place with half decent food and some drinks - how will Crouch Enders cope with such an innovation?

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I think I'm up to speed with this now. Mr Reddy Redbeard (aka Rossi Barbarossa) is a spoofer with a knack for photoshop. If I had the energy I'd set up a fake Facebook account for Bluey Bluebeard (philanderer and Haringey council planner) urging that the picture be submitted with neon lettering on the fascia for immediate approval.

Y'know, I think they should scrap the Middey's appellation, and just call the restaurant ROSSI BARBAROSSA. In neon. Seriously.

Meanwhile the hunt is still on for the TELEPHONES letters. They've been in a skip, in a cardboard box, in the possession of Enforcement, and other more mysterious gentlemen. They've been lost, saved, stolen, and sent for restoration. Perhaps simultaneously.

And as they used to say to the bloke from the Daily Mirror, to my delight it's Chalky White... where's me fiver.

Found. Mr Rossi had them all along, the cheeky blighter.


This bollocks, I'm new to this forum but I work in property and I know that the estates department who let or assigned the lease should have held back completion until they received acceptable plans which they could document in a licence to alter. Months later nothing is happening and I wonder whether rental income from the asset is being collected? But aside from the conservation issues if that property had been properly marketed then I a better operation than this would have likely secured the site. If I owned the property this could never have occurred.

I totally agree. I made some of these points in a letter to haringey http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/middey-s-continuing-eyesore-i... . and now they think they can cut a  deal with Far East Consortium for the whole of the town hall.. Bollocks is a considerable understatement . 

So why the long wait for the plans to be approved and for the restaurant to open?
As for the town hall, the square out front should be a public square which the community can use and should be in public ownership. The town hall problem should be separate to that but should include some community use and studio space again in public ownership.

The Town Hall is being sold as a lot - the square, but not including the bust stop, the Hall itself, and the car park and outbuildings at the back. The deal is all but done, with Far East Consortium being the preferred bidder. It is clear that the Hall will become a hotel, with an entrance through what are now the revolving doors. Most other details are vague.

On a possibly related topic , does either the landlord or local planning authority (LBH in both cases) take any responsibility for allowing Burgers@N8, a restaurant, to open on contaminated land? The design document in the planning application explicitly refers to the "commercial dumping of rubbish".

Usually a commercial lease will say that the tenant has to comply with statute which will cover things like building regulations or planning. For example a landlord can let a shop to a restaurant and the building does not have planning permission for that use and the tenant will be responsible for obtaining planning. If the restaurant gets closed down the tenant will be at fault. So the landlord really has no responsibility save that it's a stupid thing to do to let to a business that will fail. So really where the council is acting as a commercial landlord for profit it is really very separate from the planning department and often conflicts.


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