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Last year Middey's did the decent thing and removed their canopy , or the vestiges of it, for the duration of the Crouch End festival. So we could walk on the pavement again. 

No such luck this year. Witness the return of the rather nasty decking planters. Under the terms of Middey's licence this is allowed. LBH granted the licence. Our conservation officer regards the construction of a semi permanent canopy as "a heritage asset". I think it's right in the way. 

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The conservation officer appears to have had a bit of a rethink. I think she's been leant on.

Obviously we can't be sure who exactly has leant on Nairita Secondthorty but maybe this is a small achievement for local social media.

btw - "less than substantial harm" - my arras. 

Incidently, what happened with the planters? I go away for a few days and they've disappeared. Someone doing a bit of enforcing, or have they just hidden them for the duration of the festival?

But the planning application for the new canopy has been refused

So I learn. But they had the planters last time. I imagine the conversation with Haringey planning enforcement was an interesting one.

"you have to move these"

"but we've had them for years, and are just rebuilding them"

"they're not allowed"

"so why were they allowed before"

"they weren't, we just didn't tell you"

"let me make you an offer you can't refuse"

"FEC made a bigger one"

I have a question mark over "FEC made a bigger one". If their planning strategy has changed. Sorry, their planning strategy has changed, so now they have to pay CIL, which will run into millions, so the profitability of the deal will change. Imagine if you will a profit hungry multi-national corporation re-running its viability assessment (which is what they are doing, I was repeatedly told at the open days) and discovering there is more profit to be had, so they can make a bigger contribution to Haringey and include more affordable housing in the overall scheme. Doesn't seem likely does it?

I think even the puny £3.5m FEC were to pay Haringey might have its viability re-assessed.


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