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Middays 3 Diminutional Lime Green Signboard for Organic Produce

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I think it looks good. The outdoor dining area will be nice to have - this is something that's lacking in the area. The organic food shop will be useful. Will have to see how the food and service is, but I'm actually getting quite excited about this. 

But that image looks nothing like what they are building. Look through the new main doors and just to the left is a stack of circular plant pots/barrels, probably very nice, but not what it shows in this picture. And where the tables appear in the picture under "ORGANIC FOODS" in the building are the long low shallow sloped shelves that greengrocers use to display bananas, broccoli and spring onions. Where will they go? Where the tables are shown inside? Outside to catch the organic shopper's eye? Wherever, it's not going to look like the picture, which in the absence of a canopy can only possible work on a day like today. There is some sleight of hand going on here.

I very doubt the shop will look anything like the visual - again a complete lack of respect from Middeys on the planning process. I don't have much high hope for this "organic: shop considering "Fio's" run a shop in Enfield which looks like this (http://statics.192.com/estreet/original/large/2144/21449283.jpg).

Thanks for the image Will. Pretty much tallies with my suspicions.

Of course they won't be doing a great deal of pavement trading while the Town Hall square is being repaved and redesigned by the forthcoming new owners (including the bit those tables and chairs are sitting on). And I can't imagine they'll be altogether unaffected when the scaffolding goes up for the refurb and restoration of the upper storeys of that building either.

Still, all the best to 'em.

But it's a prime building in Crouch End - surely, the rent/ lease is expensive. Unless the food is fantastic, or it's a well-known chain like Pizza Express,  it's going to be difficult for a restaurant of this size to survive. Surely they must know this? And a regular mini-mart isn't going to cut it either.  Funny enough, I was just telling my husband this past week-end that a Whole Foods would be perfect for that space. This is why I was excited about the "Organic Food Shop".

But if the shop doesn't end up looking like the visual, then I blame our Council - it's up to them to crack down on this sort of behavior.

I'm looking through the windows in the image and not seeing the minimarket shelves. Do you think they are unaware that the deli offer failed last time, and it's the caff that makes the money?

Who knows. I seem to recall saying that I fear the worse on a previous post on the subject...   

Reminds me of the cafe-bar where Superdrug has lately opened. The one after the shop, but before All Bar One. 1990s. A nice guy but he didn't have a clue about the Crouch End market place and eventually confused everyone by trying simultaneously to be a pub, a wine bar, a restaurant and a cafe.

Ooh, hello.

Just noticed something on the Fio's website. Look what service is offered in the Cockfoster's branch. You don't think it's possible do you? Nah, can't be.

Two Fio's and a Middey's in this Google Street view of Cockfosters Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, En4 0bx. Joint forces to be reckoned with.

If the Fio's Crouch End is cheap, they'll get people in. Will they sell enough olives to pay the rent? Nope.

Despite my "say no more" approach higher up I have submitted an objection to the planning application.

Regrettably I could find very little of relevance to the planning process to include, but I've done what I can to alert someone to the sort of games that are being played.

"I object to this planning application on the grounds that:

1) the submitted diagram does not represent what is now being proposed - the diagram shows 100% restaurant, while the proposal is now for a hybrid cafe/retail outlet - permission should only be granted if the planning submission is an accurate representation of the proposed outcome
2) In a response to a previous application (HGY/2016/0563) Haringey made it clear that the lease was granted to a restaurant - as Landlord it is surely Haringey's duty to ensure that this condition is enforced. http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Attachm...
3) I very much support the revised diagram in so far as it clearly shows the absence of the unsightly lean-to canopy in favour of totally al fresco dining, or perhaps the occasional use of removal umbrellas. This change should be made a condition of any permission that might be granted.
4) I very much support the proposal in so far as it retains the outside space for restaurant seating. If it is the applicant's intention to set out this area for the display and sale of organic produce then this may well fall foul of Haringey's well established policy of refusing market style trading on the square."


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