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Melange is by its won admission a  French-Italian restaurant which offers a breath of fresh air. Its relaxed neighbourhood vibe has a stylish contemporary twist in the versatile industry-vintage interior. The menu combines the passion of the flavoursome Italian cooking with the delicacy of French gourmet. The venue is spacious and light with trendy industrial-vintage touch.

On 1st June crouchendmum said on Twitter

Just tried new restaurant Melange in Crouch End and the food is brilliant. Will be going back and recommend!

I went there last night (Friday 15th June) and enjoyed my meal. I like the industrial décor, I'm happy with the silent moving images of Charlie Chaplin on the giant screen, and I just love the soundtrack from the 30s playing discreetly in the background.

My Roquefort, walnut and apple salad starter was splendid, my seafood risotto had more seafood than rice, which is the right way round and the chocolate fondant was easily good enough. I was speaking to Rich of Deferolaw the other day who praised the place and said that he thought it good value at £54 for a 3 course meal for two, and lo and behold my bill came to £53.80.

I'd go back.


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My wife and I went here at the weekend for a late lunch/ early dinner. I saw this place had recently opened and was keen to try it, especially after previous discussions on this message board and the curse with which this plot seems to harbour. 

Well, it's great, and I really hope it does well. It's a lot less stuffy than Bistro Aix with a nice airy interior. It has good concise menu selection and great service. I had the steak, which I feel is always a good measure of a place. My wife had the duck. Excellently cooked, good house wine, absolutely no complaints. It's just good honest food at a reasonable price. Perhaps I wouldn't serve steak on an olive wood chopping board, but hey, it's not even an issue.

We are really keen to go back and try the fixed menu dinner time menu.

Definitely looking forward to going back.

I went last Monday to try the fixed menu dinner time menu. Excellent value. All the portions seem to be full size, and very good quality. Even Charlie Chaplin (The Circus) made me laugh.

Adrian, I'd been meaning to join and leave a review, sorry about that.
I thought Melange was excellent. I had what was a very generous portion of mussels to start, some of the best I've had in the UK in recent times, the chicken which was quite rich with all the cream sauce but delicious if you like that sort of thing, and a creme brûlée, which was not the best but that is my favourite dish and one I can be hyper critical of. My fiancee had the duck, which was lovely.
This site has been crying out for a place Luke Melange. I'd go back, too.


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