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I admit the image of what was once Saphari's (perpetual?) "Closing Down notice superimposed on a picture of Powder and Eden, both with "Closing Down Clearance Sale" windows, does not at first glance seem encouraging. But read on below the picture:There is a lot happening in N8 which could make it a livelier place, in various sorts of ways.

Building work is apparently due to start very soon on the Earl Haig Memorial Hall with a view to its opening as a pub in late summer/early autumn. The Lost Pubs project documents c23,000 closed pubs, and some accounts have four closing across the nation every day. Crouch End is getting a new one! Well, Bottoms Up and Bung Ho.

Hornsey High Street will get a make over in the form of Sainsbury's and loads more housing - Haringey would have us believe this is a form of regeneration - you are invited to offer your own opinion. While perhaps not everyone would unreservedly support all that is being proposed, open shops on balance are probably better than a derelict bath house.

The Music Palace (originally a Salvation Army citadel) will shortly become a Curzon Cinema. This surely will be a much better use for the building, and should actively extend the shopping centre further away from the Clock Tower, which should be good news for the businesses along Tottenham Lane, and restore the site to its use in the early 20th Century when it was first built on.

Further in the future will be the opening of a four screen Picturehouse cinema on the site of the unsightly office block on Tottenham Lane, which will further increase the motivation to walk to this end of Crouch End.

And, meanwhile, back at what has seemed to be an interminable project (cause of some local despondency) things might be looking up  for the Hornsey Town Hall when the project team let us know what is going on. All those wannabe luvvies studying for all they are worth will surely sell a few more sandwiches in our local coffee bars and maybe a glass or two of Chateau Pipi in the wine bars.

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while I'll admit I'm not comfortable with change like most Brits my age - one reason I love Crouch End is because it has somehow managed to maintained the same atmosphere while the rest of London has altered beyond recognition - everyone wants Crouch End to improve and progress but within reason - so many places now have lost their area's special character I'd hate that to happen here


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