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I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this article in the Independent about a National Grid infrastructure project.


Paragraph  1 reads

A GIGANTIC tunnel-boring machine that will help ensure London is kept alight was unveiled this week in Haringey.

My heart goes out to tunnels. Life for them must be dull enough as it is - running mindlessly from here to there with nary a change, when along comes National Grid with a boring machine to make life even more tedious. And surely its not many weeks since London was alight, and fire fighters were rushing here and there putting it out!


Para 2 is 

The machine, named Cleopatra, was lowered into a pre-prepared shaft on National Grid’s site in Eade Road on Wednesday.

Not just prepared but pre-prepared - gracious how thorough.


The scale of the operation is actually quite impressive

This marked the start of a £773 million project costing that will transfer electricity via the tunnel to all London boroughs. The tunnel, dug at a rate of 120 metres per week, stretch 20 miles, two thirds the length of the Channel Tunnel, will be the height of a double-decker bus and at points reaches a depth of 60 metres.


But the thing that really set my mind at rest was 

From Haringey, the machine will run along a pre-determined route connecting National Grid’s substations at Hackney, St John’s Wood and Willesden.

Thank goodness for that - "a pre-determined route" I had a picture of them blindfolding the machine, spinning it round three times and setting it off at random


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This London Power Tunnels project has now reached St. John's Wood. 


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