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Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier (MiPiM)

Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier 


HARINGEY Council Cabinet Members have attended the big MiPiM property fair in Cannes in March, in each of the past three years, including March 2016:

2014 Cllr. Strickland (& officers)
 2015 Cllrs. Strickland & Kober (& officers)
2016 Cllrs. Strickland & Kober (& officers)

Those Councillors’ attendances were partly-funded by tax-payers and partly-funded by property developers. Here is a sampling of press coverage about MiPiM (not necessarily in date order):

Global Guardians  MIPIM Cannes was a great success!

Inside Croydon  ‘Flat-broke’ councils all set for MIPIM’s champagne reception

Surrey Comet  Kingston Council to spend £4k sending leader to property conference in French Riviera

Your Local Guardian  Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia’s trip to Cannes paid for by developers

The Guardian  Mipim property fair only benefits the rich

The Guardian  Anger at Cannes property fair where councils rub shoulders with oligarchs

The Guardian  At yacht parties in Cannes, councils have been selling our homes from under us

Express  Tycoons, hookers and our council fatcats party in Cannes

VICE  Sex and the City: Welcome to MIPIM, the World’s Biggest Property Fair

Estate Agent Today  Property men hiring prostitutes is a “reputational issue” for industry - claim

Daily Mail  This beats work! Councils' jolly in Cannes with sun, sea and booze as they talk property deals on Riviera

There is no suggestion that any of the Borough’s representatives availed themselves of the services of the world’s oldest profession. However, one could view the spectacle of several of Britain's larger Councils travelling to Cannes – in order to hawk their land and buildings – as a form of prostitution.

Haringey Councillor
(Liberal Democrat)

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BBC Radio 4’s PM programme this evening has an item on MiPiM networking, plus the sleaze: sexism, drunken parties and prostitution.

MiPiM 2018 is in just two week’s time—and is the first year in five in which New Labour-run Haringey Council reps. won't be jetting off too.

Thanks again for your work on this, Clive.
It's very useful to know where our so-called leaders have been spending some of their time and some of our money.  Hopefully the persistence of this information on the internet will follow them round in future like the ancient mariner's albatross.

It's also worth saying that a Freedom of Information request disclosed that the commercial contacts made at MIPIM in Cannes were the same companies Haringey could and did meet in London. In other words their journeys were almost certainly unnecessary.

None of the Haringey councillors going to MIPIM will be standing as Labour candidates on 3 May. And while their support for the Haringey Demolition Vileness (HDV)  is almost certainly the main factor, I'd hope that at least some Labour Party members were unhappy about the widely reported meetings with property developers and lobbyists at the MIPIM "jollies".

Linking visits to MIPIM with published media reports helps us to judge the whole event. Though the radio programme names no names and identifies no companies or local councils. Also, people interviewed made it clear that the sleaze was very much a minority aspect. Apart from some brief mention of local prostitutes possibly attending external events, most criticism was wrapped up in generalised polite terms. These included "shindig on the Med"; "inappropriate behaviour"; and "boys on tour".
There was strong criticism by some women participants who said that they'd felt uncomfortable at MIPIM. Referring to unacceptable behaviour as "an elephant in the room".

The item is just over five minutes long. 51.20- 56.30 (Move the slider bar). The BBC now asks you for free, one-time registration.

I've extracted the snippet and put it on youtube for ease of reference. I note Alan's caution about how much to infer from this of Haringey delegates' behaviour at the event.. Still , councillors should not be travelling abroad to a 'shindig' when they would assiduously courted by the monied developers whilst remaining in Wood Green. And while we're at it, the Labour whip should never have been employed by a PR company acting on behalf of those monied developers.

TO illustrate what Haringey Council reps are missing out on (for the first time in five years), Inside Croydon has an update. According to Inside Croydon, that Council's housing developer Brick by Brick

“will be pimping for Croydon at MIPIM junket”

At some point between now and 3 May people will be getting leaflets from Council candidates. You may even have someone knock at the door and ask your voting intentions. It might even be one of the candidates in person.
So here's a suggestion.

Like me, you may take the view that councillors and senior staff should not be wining and dining in private meetings with developers - often paid for by those developers. Whether in Cannes or in posh London restaurants. So please ask Council candidates if they have in the past accepted or will in future be accepting these developer freebies. If you get a 'Yes', then please express your disapproval. Depending on how strongly you hold this view you may even wish to inform the candidate that you will not be voting for them.
I heard that one of the freeloaders did a happy little dance when they were reselected as a candidate.

Once every four years we all have a tiny teaspoon of power.

I SEE that one Cabinet Member Councillor (part of the inner cabal but not standing again) continues to be hungry and quite recently too.

Such troughing and sluicing is much the New Labour way and was seen most often in relation to the HDV (q.v.) where Terrapin Communications (PR/Lobbyist) fêted New Labour Cabinet Members on 13 occasions.

£50 (fifty pounds) is a nice round number and it could be regarded as a conservative estimate of a Declared Value for a slap-up dinner. The dinner was on 12th February and it is difficult how the meal could have been disposed off, other than hospitality described as “Retained”.

It's noted by Tottenham resident Mr. Martin Ball, HERE

A DAY before MiPiM 2018 finishes, Mr Peter Bingle (Terrapin Communications) has returned from Cannes.

Mr Bingle has not described MiPiM as a booze and hookerfest.

But others have (X and Y).

Here, Peter Bingle alludes to the sleaze.

If you are blocked for disagreeing with Mr Peter Bingle and can't view his tweet, it's below.

For this thread I've added a black border. Not of course referring to Mr Bingle, who I'm sure will be entertaining people with his comical views for many years.
But in the hope that when even leading lobbyists express disgust about MIPIM it may signal the coming demise of this whole expensive, sleazy and undemocratic system of doing deals with public land at secret unaccountable meetings.

I posted this reply:

In a post-HDV world I'm surprised & disappointed to see lobbyists like @PeterBingle & publicly funded top staff like @HomesNickW were attending @MIPIMWorld.
Had they never noticed or heard about recently publicised appalling behaviour?
Maybe wiser to cut this link in future?

#HDV is the Twitter tag for Haringey Development Vehicle.
@HomesNickW is the Twitter account of Nick Walkley the former Chief Executive of Barnet and now the Chief Executive of Homes England.
In between he was also Chief Executive of Haringey Council. (I voted against his appointment.)


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