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I was interested to see that Macdonalds do seem to have some commitment to reducing the amount of litter produced from their restaurants.  I've never seen any staff doing a litter pick in Haringey - I might contact them and ask them if they will organise one.




In answer to the question "What measures do you take to stop people littering the streets with your packaging" 


They responded


"We provide litter bins outside all McDonald's restaurants and the company is one of the biggest sponsors of council provided bins in the country. Also all McDonald's packaging carries an anti-littering symbol supported by signage in restaurants and car parks."
All well and good but is putting an anti-litter symbol going to stop someone tossing their rubbish from their car into a hedge?  I mean the threat of death on a cigarette packet doesn't deter people from smoking so I think they're p*ssing in the wind with that one!  


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