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There is an initiative to clean up London before all those visitors start arriving for the Olympics. Boris is keen on it and there is a write up here. The idea derives from a Lewisham initiative, but the coverage has been broadened and does definitely include Haringey.

The idea is that you take a photo with your smartphone and use the app to send in a report. It is easy and all beautifully documented here. If you don't have a smartphone you can also use text/mms/or a website


The result is a report like this, on which you can keep tabs on the website, or get text message updates.


I'd like to see Haringey clean, even if we don't get meant Olympic visitors.

I shall give it a try.
















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Brilliant and as you say, just what we need, even if it's not for the Olympics!  Think I'm going to have to get a smart phone...


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