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Looks like the trial road closures are going ahead @HaringeyLiving @luke_harrison

These two pronged thingies are cropping up all round the area, and it looks to me as though they will count the vehicle movements in the area, and maybe even figure out how fast they are going. This will feed in to an assessment of the trial road closures (mainly Middle Lane) planned for next week and the week after.

Which is good. Expected results was one of the topics we spoke of when I met Cllr Hearn and 3 council officers yesterday, that being one of the topics I raised in my recent email to the cabinet member. My point about expected results was that there should be some. When I mentioned this in the meeting note were taken, and, who knows, some may be published.

Other topics we touched on were the excellent FAQs published by a local resident and widely distributed on local Facebook groups. The meeting admired the quality of the writing, and admitted that they had had a wide reach. Notes were taken. Perhaps the project will take leaves out of Mr Morris's book.

I mentioned Crouch Enders' love of independent shops, and the need for objective measures of the impact of the trials and the wider scheme on local businesses. This was greeted with the standard rejoinder that footfall will increase and only 14% of shoppers arrive by car. I was not convinced that any objective measures will be provided.

I suggested that the choice of Middle Lane for the trial was actually a triumph of consultation. Many suggestions had been made for the provision of pedestrian crossings on Middle Lane.This trial if of a far more fundamental and far reaching solution to the creation of a safe area to walk in. I suggested that cases such as this where consultation is seen to be effective should be openly lauded.

I mentioned the continuing road works that take place and queried whether a coherent approach was being taken. I was assured by the head of operations for that sort of thing that it is all rational and measured and indeed part of the response to the comments on the interactive map from the early days of consultation to fix  uneven pavements and pot holy roads. Rather depressingly this routine maintenance does form part of the matched funding for the project.

Something I learned is that the project has not yet been through Gateway 2. Now I'd have to look up exactly what that means, but ti does seem there is still a chance that some changes can now be applied to the bid winning scheme. For instance, one of the predictions for the trial is that traffic will reduce on Ferme Park Road, in which case the unpopular  early proposal to close FPR may be dropped. It's my view that this sort of thinking should be front and centre of the project publicity machine. 

I also learned that the project email inbox is bulging with comments. Let's hope that my suggestions and some of the many others take hold and the flow of information improves. 

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