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The local council are currently offering a job that locals might like to apply for. Haringey have provided a dedicated site to apply through (below). With all the cutbacks, you might think there'd be less cash available, but it doesn't seem to be a problem:


Title = Director of Place and Sustainability

Pay = £140,000 (about 0.95 Prime Minister)


Apply via this dedicated site:


The Ideal place for your talents


This is not an April Fools Joke, although it does end on that date. Fourth Estate comment here

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The "vanity website" can only be accessed by submitting your name for the job. This link avoids the need to give your name and email address

Whilst this job offer might seem like a joke there is something much bigger going on. The new Chief Exec is toying with his structure chart. The three images below are taken from Rethinking Haringey a report which is attached here. There are so many changes set out here I think I am just scratching the surface, when I mention:

  1. The creation of an entirely new directorate "Public Health" - arising, I think, from the proposed NHS changes and the appearance of the word "Coroner" in her responsibilities
  2. The disappearance of the word "Libraries" from the structure chart by 2012, to be replaced by Community Hubs - Section 10 of Rethinking Haringey suggests consideration will be given to housing libraries, customer service centres, children centres, the Police, the NHS and voluntary organisations in shared locations

While the number of directorates remains the same, who amongst us will find the time to look at the next level of middle management changes?





AS an update to this, I see that someone has made an FoI request about this position and recieved a response yesterday. The full costs to the council including pension of this new job, amount to between  £167,002 and £183,816 pa.

Attached is the

  • Job Description
  • Costs of advertising for the job


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