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Following a meeting of the THE OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY COMMITTEE on August 15th Haringey was forced to reconsider its decision to close various care homes. The following extracts are taken from the minutes.

1. Introduction to the Call-in
Councillor Richard Wilson introduced the call-in (pages  71-73 of the agenda pack), including the following points:
• Alternative options should be considered rather than closing the residential and respite care homes.
• £550,000 invested in 100 Whitehall Street 5 years ago would have been wasted if the Council closed the home.
• Concerns about whether there was capacity for alternative respite care provision within the borough.
• The families of service users of 100 Whitehall Street  were unclear about what the alternative provision would be


The Committee also received written representations opposing the proposals from: Yvonne Heath (carer of a service user), Martin Hewitt (Haringey resident), Mary Jarvis (cousin of a service user), Sue Hessel (Haringey  Federation of Residents’ Associations (vulnerable groups), Sandra Hayward (cousin of a service user), Lynne Featherstone MP, Bindmans Solicitors (on behalf of campaigners against the closure of 100 Whitehall Street) and UNISON.


2a. That CAB20 – Proposed Closure of three older people’s residential care homes and one learning disabilities residential and respite care homes be referred back to the Cabinet as the decision taker for reconsideration of the decision before taking a final decision.



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Minutes of the Cabinet 18th August 2011

That the decisions (vide Minute CAB.20 – 2011/12) in relation to the proposed closure of three Older People’s Residential Care Homes and Learning Disabilities Residential and Respite Care Home  be re-affirmed

So the closures will go ahead,


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