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The other day I noted that the air pollution in London is harming a lot of health, and wondered if there was a way to find out about the air quality in Crouch End. We only have one monitoring station, in a park 60 metres from the road. Sweet Fanny Adams that's going to do for us. 

Well, now a chap called Chris Turner has devised a portable air quality monitor suitable for clamping on your handlebars. And Haringey are looking to get funding from the Mayor to persuade many more of us to have handlebars to clamp it on, in an initaitive they call Liveable Crouch End.

Now , Chris has told everything he thinks we should know about BREATHE|Smart  and is seeking some of your money. Interestingly he has used Crouch End as the backdrop to some of his promo video. Is this a warning to us? Do we need to do something?

Well, Haringey and the Mayor think so and are now starting to involve us. Regrettably their first engagement with us is something they call pre-engagement. Still, at least they are putting information about Liveable Crouch End into the public domain. They want our opinion, provided our opinion is to

encourage more walking, cycling and public transport use in Crouch End.".

So take a look at Chris's monitor, and back him if you will, and let Haringey know what would actually make Crouch End more liveable.

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They don't like that bloke with the stick do they.

actually there's something a little... zombie walk about it


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