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Liveable Crouch End - what to do with all the trees we cut down

Now that I know that trees trap Nitrogen Dioxide at ground level I'm more than ever keen to have the view-obscuring conifers around Hornsey Library removed. Not only we would get the view back, the air might change in quality and the space around the fountain would be opened up.

With Liveable Crouch End moneycoming into the area and some Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money on the horizon too, there might be enough dosh to make a pocket park.

I was in Warsaw recently, and while I understand that the other man's open spaces are always greener I rather like this idea. Clearly a tree or two had been cut down, I could see the trunks lying across each other. And to them had been added small artworks in the form of pieces of soft white metal, perforated to produce outline pictures. I can imagine local school children sitting in the sunshine (this particular square had no overbearing conifers) with a hammer and a nail punch, perforsting away to their heart's content as part of some practical art/environment indoctrination. Charming.

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