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There is a scheme proposed to remove the gyratory system on the roundabout by Highbury and Islington station. Gyratory systems (essentially big roundabouts) are well out of fashion just now, two notable victims being the huge Tottenham Hale one way system  which went a little while ago, and the more recent changes made at the Archway

To judge by the picture what is being proposed fro Highbury and Islington is that 3 of the 4 sides of the square become two-way, while the fourth side is pedestrianised. I've borrowed this picture from the Islington Gazette where you can read a bit more.

It looks in the image as though there is a very long pedestrian crossing controlled by lights. As I understand it the proposals for Crouch End are for very short pedestrian crossings (in the main) which have the dual benefits of making it quick, easy and safe to cross the road, and needing only short interruptions to the traffic flow.

While works are taking place at Highbury and Islington it appears that pedestrians are getting short shrift. Could you confess your sins in 6 seconds?

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Looks as though I'm a bit behindhand with this 'news' as these images from Twitter show


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